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Find a Job in the American Hockey League (AHL), 7 Skills That Are Needed to Work in Sports

Posted on September 7, 2017 in Ice Hockey Fights

The American Hockey League is a very exciting minor league with many opportunities for jobs around the nation. There are teams from the East Coast all the way to the Midwest to choose from to try and work for. The AHL has wide variety of jobs to offer in fields like finance, management, marketing, players operation, communications, and in sales. Here are seven skills that are essential to helping you go above and beyond the competition for the job:

1. Business Communication is a vital tool. Being able to speak clearly and confident in front of a crowd is something many people have trouble doing. This skill will be important when dealing with customers.

2. Time Management skills. It is important to be able to finish projects on deadlines and never turn in work late. A work team depends on each other and needs deadlines to be met.

3. A great attitude. If you are enthusiastic about your job and the tasks at hand, you will be an asset to any company that hires you.

4. Looking and acting professional. How you dress and present yourself will reflect the way you are portrayed in a company. Dress to impress and be focused when going for a job.

5. Writing skills. Most jobs will have some sort of paper work or letters that need to be completed. Being a skilled writer gives you a leg up on your competition.

6. Computer skills. Technology is becoming more crucial in work and most tasks are done on a computer. Having extensive knowledge in computer software and programs is a key skill to have.

7. Presentation skills. With more companies going with a team like style when completing day to day tasks within the company, presentations will be heavily used in meetings. Knowing how to present and what to use to demonstrate is an excellent advantage to have.

Having these skills will really help your chances of getting a job in the American Hockey League. It is important to show off these skills to whoever is trying to hire you so that they know you are more than qualified. Companies will be more than impressed if you show off these seven skills of how you can help their company out if hired!